About WISH

Founded in 2021, WISH strives to create a community where we can actively promote an understanding and awareness for children with disabilities. 

Many children that face disabilities often also encounter academic hurdles, and other challenges that a non-disabled would not face. We aspire to shed light on these challenges.


The objective of WISH would be to not only promote an understanding but also to serve as a gateway leading into academic knowledge and research behind the clinical practices of equipment and devices that can assist individuals with disabilities.

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About the Founder

Grace Noh

Hello! My name is Grace, the founder of WISH. I am from Seoul, South Korea, but I attend a small boarding school named The Frederick Gunn School in Washington, Connecticut. 

The reason why I created WISH was because of my family background. Growing up with a disabled family member and witnessing the struggles, I have grown a passion and mission to help those who face hardships and limitations due to their disability. 

Through WISH, I hope to instill hope in functional needs children. Additionally, I want to create a community that connects disabled and non-disabled students to feel integrated and safe.

The Team

Meet the amazing members of WISH!

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Sophia Kapkova

Executive Community Outreach

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Anisha Kumari

Community Outreach


Liana Mattera

Community Outreach


Clara Rodriguez Acevedo

Executive Social Media Manager

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Ean Bowie

Social Media Manager

Hang Le.JPG

Hang Le

Social Media Manager

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Adrian Muñoz

Social Media Manager

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Emma Ferraro

Executive Student Writer

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Montse Oliveros

Student Writer

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Rose Liu

Student Writer


Yoyo Zhang

Student Writer


Alexandra Stone

Student Writer


Shahd Ismail

Event Planner

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Charlotte Tran

Event Planner

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Jackie Zhou

Event Planner

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Srihitha Gattem

Event Planner


Yan Xiu Chen

Event Planner

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Jacky Jiang

Event Planner

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