Khaliyah, Event Participant

The event informed me of a perspective I’ve never realized I needed to have on the world. It taught me to treat everyone the same, no matter the disability. When first joining, I didn’t know what to expect, but the story shared was very inspirational. I was taught that disabilities come in all shapes and forms.  I believe everyone should step forward into this program to learn to have a genuine understanding. I truly loved the program and I would definitely attend again.

Emma, Executive Student Writer at WISH

Being able to sit and listen to Leanne tell her story made me realize how different everyone’s experiences with disabilities are. She inspired everyone there by telling us about the highs and lows of her advocacy journey. It inspired me by outlining the immense impact I can have on the world and on those around me by just using my voice. I can’t wait for more WISH events and to hear the incredible stories that other advocates have to share!!

Ean, Social Media Manager

I really liked hearing Zane’s story and his experiences as someone with a disability. His story was very inspirational and helped me learn a lot. He really opened up to us and discussed the lack of resources provided to disabled people in his field. This Q & A event was very interactive and helped me a gain a greater insight on how to be mindful and best support people with disabilities around me.

Liana, Community Outreach

I loved Amanda’s openness. She made great points and pointed out stereotypes. She seemed like an amazing person who is passionate about sex education. I loved the questions she answered at the end which allowed everyone to really get to see how amazing she is.

Amanda, Guest Speaker

At first, I was half nervous and half excited. I liked how I was able to freely speak in a way that’s comfortable and accessible for me. Also, the team themselves have been so wonderful to work with! I loved the event! I'm so happy to have been able to be a part of that!

Clara, Executive Social Media Manager at WISH

The Q&A Session was extremely interesting and entertaining, I loved being able to interact with Zane and hearing him out. His experiences are incredibly inspiring, as is his work in Positive Vibes Magazine. Overall loved the event, had high expectations and this exceeded them! I honestly really really liked the event so much!