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The feeling of leaves and grass under your feet.

The feeling of the water beneath you when you’re dancing in the rain.


It all suddenly... changed for you.

One decision, that turned your life upside down.

You woke up one day, and walked as always. Grabbed a glass of water, maybe some food.

Went to the bathroom without giving it too much attention. You walked: moved one leg

first, then the other, and repeated the automatic action.

You woke up the next day with such a strange and strong feeling in your chest,

because that day, you couldn’t anymore.

What if, what if, what if.

Phrase that got impregnated in your head, just like a tattoo: always stays.

I’m sorry that you sometimes feel sad to this day, I’m sorry that you cry,

and I’m sorry that one of the reasons is because we live in a

world where you cannot feel free, secure, contemplated.

The reality is, that at least where we used to live, you did not had the

proper accesses to go outside; the few times you did, wheelchair

ramps were nowhere to be seen, and the parking spots were already

taken, by some person that did not felt like walking a few more

meters to the entrance of the mall.

I’m sorry we had to leave, sorry we could not have dinner that day,

and many more.

Sorry that the few times we tried, were attempts in vain.

And the wheelchair stood there, inanimate object, collector of dust.

But you, painter that illustrates bright smiles everyday, cheered me

up every time, you, amazing light being, give me HOPE, and it is

something I can’t thank you enough.

Now I want to tell you that I hope you get what you deserve.

Hope we can go get dinner one day, without accesses being a problem.

Hope families that go through the same, can spend time without

worrying about those factors. Because they deserve to be happy,

they deserve the kind of smiles you give to me, and the world, needs

so much love, that kind of love.

I can’t wait to tell everyone your story, and everything you still teach me to this day.

I love you always, we will get there.


This is an image of Mon and her family.

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