WISH Disability Awareness Event: Zane Landin

Last week, Zane Landin was a guest speaker at our WISH disability rights awareness event. Zane is a first-generation LGBTQ+ college student, a mental health and disability rights advocate, and the founder of the PositiveVibes Magazine.

We were thankful for him to be able to come on and share his story with us about his mental health journey, as well as his many experiences as an advocate. He let us in on his immense passion for speaking up and using his voice to stand up for what he truly believes in. He also spoke to us about his journey as a first-generation college student.

All that he had to say was truly inspiring, which was made evident in the things that the event attendees had to say about his speech.

When we asked several attendees what they liked about the event, they responded:

“The Q&A session was extremely interesting and entertaining, I loved being able to interact with Zane and hearing him out. His experiences are incredibly inspiring, as is his work in Positive Vibes Magazine. Overall loved the event, had high expectations and this exceeded them!”

  • Clara, Head of the Social Media Management Team

“I love how interactive it was, and how open Zane was when he answered all the questions”

  • Mon Oliveros, WISH Student Writer

“That he expressed his concerns for disabilities.”

  • Ean Bowie, WISH Social Media Manager

“I really liked hearing Zane’s story and his experiences as someone with a disability. His story was very inspirational and helped me learn a lot. He really opened up to us and discussed the lack of resources provided to disabled people in his field. This Q & A event was very interactive and helped me gain a greater insight on how to be mindful and best support people with disabilities around me.”

  • Yan Xiu Chen, WISH Event Planner

“How open it was.”

  • Julian King, event participant

Clearly, the attendees of this event thoroughly enjoyed what Zane had to say. As an organization advocating for disability rights, his words were inspiring towards our mission, proving that we can use our voices to stand up for what’s right.

We’re very excited to hear from more disability rights advocates at WISH events in the future!

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